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GENRE – what is it? Do we need it?

Genre is a marketing category for books to help readers find similar books they are likely to want to read.

If your intention is to sell your book, you need to know who will want to read it to help them easily find it and buy it. You also need to know what their expectations are of your story, so that they can enjoy reading it.

Questions to ask yourself:

Who’s my audience? Who am I writing for? What are their loves, hates, beliefs and ambitions?

Tone of voice usually associated with my story genre.

Number of pages, wordcount, chapter size usually expected for my genre.

Titles – are my genre titles usually long or short and pithy?

Which authors do my readers read? Whose writing style is mine most like?

Which stories or films do my readers love? Which can mine be best compared to?

Which authors and stories do I want my book to sit next to on the bookshop bookshelf? (Take photos!)

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