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Cornwall Writers Short Story Project 2023/24

Applications to join the Cornwall Writers Short Story Project 2023/24 close at midnight on Saturday 18th February 2023.

The aim is to produce and publish a collection of short stories as a group of local writers. Throughout the project we will learn all the different aspects of writing, editing, putting a book together, getting published and making sales.

We will provide feedback to each other at each drafting stage and encourage each other to craft stories that our readers will love to read. Some of the group are professional editors and proofreaders and will help us ensure the quality of the stories we publish are of a professional standard.

The writing process is expected to take about 9 months. We wil then have a break until January 2024, when we will start the process of obtaining a book cover, looking for publishers and reviewers, learn about sales and marketing and publish our book in May 2024.

You need to have a connection to Cornwall to be a part of the short story project. This can be as a resident, previous resident or a frequent visitor with published stories set in Cornwall.

If you are interested in joining the project, please email with details of your connection to Cornwall and register on this website at

Once your registration is approved, we will send you further details and enable you to access the short story project posts.

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  1. Yes please. I’d love to join in again. I couldn’t log in with any of my old passwords so I’ve registered again as Claudia S Loveland. Hope that’s ok.

  2. Yes please! Hope I’m not too late in registering my interest, but I would love to be involved again. The whole process, from start to finish, was so invaluable to my experience as a writer and I’ve really enjoyed the marketing side of the previous project too.
    Amy 🙂

  3. Have recently completed a long and complicated house move and just got my writing time back. I would be very interested in joining this short story project and hope I’m not too late. Rieve

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